Membership Management

Administrators define and manage the members of the club and specify each members contact information, membership level and system priveledges.

Member and Membership Types

Many clubs have multiple types of members and types of memberships. The club administrator may define all of their member and membership types. Pricing of goods and services can be set based on both member types, membership types and for individual members.

Member Profiles

Each registered member may edit their own member profile information by logging into the web application or using the Love Our Club mobile applications. Members can specify their contact information, membership level, payment methods, and whether or not they would like to receive confirmation and reminder emails.

Member Statements

With the fully integrated financial software, members may also view their club account statements at any time. The club statements will provide the member with their current club account balance and show all financial transactions including membership payments, bookings and sales transactions.


Administrators define the resources and booking schedules and then use the Love Our Club booking system to reserve time slots for the members. The system knows the membership type of each member and automatically determines if any fees apply based on your pricing structure.

Flexible Schedules

Administrators may create different schedules for each resource and for each day of the week. The schedules have an effective date so you may define different schedules for different times of the year. The booking calendars will automatically update to reflect your schedules.

Advanced Bookings

Some bookings repeat week after week. Administrators may create advanced bookings that specify a date range for the booking and the specific resources and days of the week that the booking is for.

On-Line Booking

Members may log onto the system to create their own bookings, change their contact information and review their club statements. Members may access the system using their favourite desktop, tablet or smartphone browser or download the free Love Our Club Mobile app from their app store.


Administrators provide the information concerning upcomming events and Love Our Club will provide the information to members on the club website, mobile applications and even via emails and phone notifications. Members can register and pay for events on-line!

Multiple Day Events

Love Our Club allows you specify multiple dates and multiple times for your events. You can even book different club's resources for different event dates and times.

Sub Events

Love Our Club allows you specify sub events and allow you to control whether or not members register for the event or individual sub events. Perfect for tournaments with multiple sub events.

Recurring Events

Recurring Events allow you to specify the repeating schedule of an event. You may specify if members register for the event or individual occurances of the event.


The Love Our Club Sales module is linked directly to all member activities. Use the Sales module to record purchases for booking fees, event registrations, memberships, punch cards, equipment, food and any other products or services your club provides.

Point Of Sale

The Point of Sale system allows for easy tracking of cash register funds and for the quick entry of sales within the club's facilities.

Online Sales

Members may log onto the system to order products and arrange delivery.

Warehouse Distribution Integration

The Love Our Club system links seemlessly to warehouse distribution companies that will manage your inventory and ship your sales products. You take the orders and let the integrated distribution company deliver your product.

Payment Processing

Whether your members pay on-line or in person, or whether they pay with pre-authorized debits, debit cards or credit cards, Love Our Club has integrated payment processing for your club.

Bank Transfers

Love Our Club provides for one time and recurring bank transfer payments. Members use the self service features to enter their bank account information and Love Our Club takes care of transferring the funds from the members's bank account to the club's bank account.

Credit Cards

Love Our Club integrates with popular payment processing systems and allows uses your Merchant Account to accept credit card payments within your facility or on-line. Recurring membership payments can be linked to your member's private and secure credit card information.

PayPal and Stripe

Love Our Club allows for the seemless integration of your PayPal or Stripe account. Members may make payments using their PayPal account balance or with the PayPal and Stripe Credit Card payment options.


The Love Our Club purchasing system makes it easy to record your purchases and monthly expenses. Vendor reports let you quickly review your payables and making Vendor payments is quick and easy.


Define all of the vendors and vendor types you require.


With Love Our Club, recording Purchases is simple. Purchases may be for both inventoried and expensed items. Taxes are automatically calculated and tracked and the integrated inventory and accounting modules are automatically updated.

Payment Processing

Love Our Club automatically tracks your payables for each vendor and simplifies payments whether they be via cheque, credit card or bank transfers.

Inventory Management

With Love Our Club all of your inventory transactions are automatically tracked. Sales, Purchases, Adjustments and Physical Counts are all integrated to ensure that you know how many units you have on hand for all your products. Sales Reports let you know how much you make on each inventory item.

Items and Item Pricing

Define all of the items your require and group your items into logical categories. Pricing for each item may be specified by member type, membership type a combination of member and membership type and by individual members.


Inventory reports let you track your inventory sales, costs and on hand values.

Adjustments and Counts

Love Our Club makes it simple to record inventory adjustments and perform physical counts.

Employee Management

With Love Our Club your employee schedules, time sheets and payroll processing is at your finger tips. Administrators may enter schedules and employees may enter and update their times sheets. From the employee pay information, time sheets and payroll rules the payroll deductions, journal entries and employee payments are generated. Electronic Fund Transfers may also be utilized for direct deposits to your employees bank accounts. With Love Our Club, there is no need for 3rd party payroll processing systems.


Specify which employees work on each shift and day.

Time Sheets

Record actual time sheet information to simplify payroll calculations.

Payroll Entry

Automatically calculate and track payroll deductions and generate the required payroll accounting entries.

Employee Payments

Record payments to employees including for payments to reimburse for employee expenses. Payments may be via cheques or bank transfers with bank transfers automatically deposting funds into the employees bank accounts.

Financial Statements

Love Our Club is a complete accounting system designed specifically for clubs. It's easy to view your chart of accounts, profit and loss statement and balance sheet. The great news with Love Our Club is that you don't need to be an accountant or experienced book keeper to use Love Our Club. The system is designed for club administrators with limited accounting experience.


Journals are available for Sales, Purchasing, Banking and Journal Entries. Journals may be run for any time period and allow for quick access to the source documents that generated the transactions.

Income Statements

Generate your Income Statement to get a snapshot of your revenues, expenses and profit.

Balance Sheets

Produce your club's balance sheet to know the current state of your asset and liability accounts.

Website Builder

Use the Love Our Club Website Builder and create your club's website. You can add as many pages and images as you like and the on-line booking system seamlessly integrates onto your website navigation menu.

Multiple Versions and Themes

Love Our Club allows you to work on multiple versions of your website. Each version may have a different theme and layout. Moving one version to production or making a back up of a version is as simple as a few mouse clicks.


Building your website is easy with the use built in widgets. There are widgets for banners, jumbotrons, cards, weather, maps, images and videos. Just choose your widget, configure it's options and place it on your web page. Web pages are automatically responsive so they look great displayed on desktop browsers, tablets or phones.

Fully Integrated

The best part of the Love Our Club website builder is the integration to your club's activities. Member information such as current bookings, current event registrations and account balances are automatically available to your pages. Menus to allow members to manage their profile, make online booking and event registrations and on-line payments are automatically available.

Website Hosting

There is no need to pay seperate website hosting fees. Love Our Club hosts your website with your own domain name.

Love Our Club Domain

If you don't have a custom domain, members may go to and log in. Once they log in, they are presented with your website and have immediate access to all of the self service features of the Love Our Club system.

Custom Domain

If you prefer, you may link own custom domain to the Love Our Club system. Member's go to and access your site hosted behind the scenes on the Love Our Club servers.